Axis is an electronic health records system that is designed to a simple, easy-to-use alternative to physical records for hospitals and practices in developing countries. We began talking about the brand identity in summer of 2017 to see what would best represent the product.

The founder spoke of wanting Axis to spearhead the use of universal EHRs (electronic health records) system in Ghana to hopefully be the beginning of a simplified way to do health. Some key themes included modernism, user-friendliness and new directions. I sketched a couple of concepts.

The Mark

I chose to go with an arrowhead-like mark that conveys positive directionality, and goes hand-in-hand with the name Axis.

We decided on a bright purple color palette. While we did want keep the brand trustworthy we also wanted to show the easy-going and modern attitude of the brand. We did use a deep eggplant blue for the main text to give a credible and professional tone.

Lighter shading was applied to the upper arrow to give this mark dimensionality. I wanted to convey technology at the forefont of the industry, so I chose to convey that with a bold overlay.

Final Designs

The final logos include the mark to the upper right of the typeface, in light and dark variations.

  • While the mark and the typeface are used together for the official logo there are separate use-cases, such as the mark being used for the app icon as shown below.

    I enjoyed helping Axis in shaping their brand, looking forward to see where the company goes in future.

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