This past fall I designed the brand identity of Basereach, a company that prints handwritten card in custom, perfectly imitated handwriting. I spoke with the founder Dan about what Basereach does at it's core, - to help businesses express gratitude while making personal and meaningful connections with their customers.

This project had a deadline of two days, so I started sketching right away ideas of a representation of an enterprise solution with a personalized touch and friendly engagement.

  • Initial Mockups

    I mocked a couple of possibilities for the logo with different takes on each.

    The Mark

    We decided on the geometric heart because we felt is was simple and conveyed more closely what Basereach wanted its customers to know.

    We changed the color palette to something more muted and of the same hue. We went with the purple color scheme shown below.

    Final Design

    The mark was complimented with a stocky typeface in an deep-black purple. This would also be optimal for dark backgrounds by coloring the text white.

    We got this done within a day, just in time for Dan to use the new brand in a presentation. I plan to revisit and iterate more concepts/adjustments for Basereach in future.

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